Energy & Infrastructure Insight - Issue 4

June 21, 2021

We are excited to bring you the fourth edition of our Energy & Infrastructure Insight, providing expert information and analysis of the current issues facing the energy and infrastructure sectors across the globe.

In this latest edition, we examine the European Union State aid rules as a means to deliver the European Green Deal, looking at how the current rules help and hinder the achievement of the Green Deal ambition, and what might be done to improve them.

Hydrogen has been a fascinating topic in the renewable energy sector this year. We examine the key challenges and opportunities in the development and financing of hydrogen projects and the pivotal role that Japan is expected to play in facilitating the expansion of the hydrogen chain in the future.

In a similar vein, we ask the questions: possibility or pipe dream?...Can Africa really build a successful green hydrogen economy?

In Europe we look at the structuring and financing of a green hydrogen project following the anticipated increase in regulatory activity in Europe.

In Asia, we provide an update on the Central Asian power and renewable energy market, as it has seen a flurry of activity over the last eighteen months. In addition, we explore the future challenges to Vietnam's remarkably rapid renewable ramp-up. We also look at Indonesia's optimistic outlook on foreign investments in the energy space.

Finally, in the United States, we look at the infrastructure opportunities that have arisen as a result of major spending proposals from the Biden administration and we consider energy transition and the opportunities and impacts on unconventional oil and gas development in the U.S.

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