LatAm H2 - The Growing Importance of Low-Carbon Hydrogen in Latin America

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LatAm H2: The Growing Importance of Low-Carbon Hydrogen in Latin America | September 2022 7 COUNTRY POLICY DEVELOPMENTS CURRENT SOURCES OF DEMAND OPPORTUNITIES FOR LOW-CARBON HYDROGEN Panama Green Hydrogen Roadmap: H 2 UB Limited use • Global Green Hydrogen Route • Decarbonizing industry • Decarbonizing transport • Decarbonizing agriculture Paraguay Conceptual framework "Towards the green hydrogen route in Paraguay" published Limited use • Decarbonizing heavy-duty transport Peru Green Hydrogen Strategy: H 2 Peru Limited use • Decarbonizing industry • Decarbonizing transport Trinidad & Tobago Launched a green hydrogen initiative Chemical Industry • Decarbonizing chemical industry Uruguay Strategy in preparation and R&D fund launched Limited use • Decarbonizing heavy-duty transport SELECT LOCAL DEVELOPMENTS AND PROJECTS Although a number of green hydrogen projects have been announced in Latin America, most of these projects are in their early stages and have received limited firm equity or debt commitments. This is likely to change, and we predict final investment decisions on several major projects within the next 24 months. Below are some examples of various Latin American countries' hydrogen development plans: ARGENTINA Argentina currently has demand for around 350,000Mt/year of hydrogen, primarily from sectors such as petrochemicals, refinery processes, chemical production, and ammonia/fertilizer production for agriculture and methanol, among others. This demand is presently covered mostly with grey hydrogen (created from natural gas using steam methane reformation without capturing the greenhouse gas effluent). The country has had a hydrogen promotion law in place since 2006, and since 2018 the parliament has been discussing boosting the development of green hydrogen. The state oil company YPF, along with CONICET (the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research) have convened a consortium of companies interested in the development of hydrogen.

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