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Shearman & Sterling Firm Overview │ January 2018 2 1873 Thomas G. Shearman and John W. Sterling form a firm, opening November 17 in New York. 1897 Shearman & Sterling guides National City Bank of New York in its acquisition of Third National Bank of New York, laying the foundation for the financial leader known today as Citibank. 1922 The firm successfully represents Consolidated Gas Co. in a case before the US Supreme Court, allowing the company to finally raise its rates from levels established in 1906. 1940 Shearman & Sterling represents Interborough Rapid Transit Co. bondholders in a debt restructuring, enabling New York City to create the largest mass transit system in the US. 1956 As the Ford Motor Company goes public in the largest equity offering to date, the Ford family asks Shearman & Sterling and Goldman Sachs to create a capital structure preserving the family's control while allowing public ownership. 1976 Shearman & Sterling is retained by Lockheed to investigate its foreign marketing practices, setting the stage for improved controls, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 and the firm's leadership position as an advisor on FCPA matters. 1981 Lawyers from the firm play a pivotal role in negotiating the release of 52 US hostages held in Iran. 1989 After the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, a newly unified Germany retains the firm to help privatize the former East Germany's state-owned chemical, mining and energy sectors. 1992 Shearman & Sterling's Diversity Committee is formed to promote awareness, provide education and foster open conversations. 1994 The Citadel military academy admits its first female student after a five-year civil rights battle led by Shearman & Sterling. 1998 Representing Daimler-Benz in its merger with Chrysler, the firm plays a pivotal role in one of the most complicated transactions in corporate history. 2006 The firm helps the Republic of Iraq make its first foray back into the international debt markets in the post-Saddam Hussein era by working with Citigroup and JP Morgan to issue approximately $2.8 billion in bonds. 2010 Making sports headlines around the world, the firm represents Boston Red Sox owner Fenway Sports Ventures (then New England Sports Ventures) in its acquisition of the Liverpool Football Club. 2014 The firm secures a $50 billion arbitral award — the largest in history — for the majority shareholders of Yukos Oil Co. 2000 Shearman & Sterling attorneys begin participating in one- to two-month sabbaticals in Arusha, Tanzania to support the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), which was established by the United Nations to prosecute persons responsible for committing genocide. The firm's support for this important pro bono project would continue for the next 15 years. 2015 Successfully represented Todd Newman, portfolio manager at Diamondback Capital Management, in connection with the landmark Second Circuit Court of Appeals decision, a ruling that narrows the scope of what constitutes insider trading. 2017 Shearman & Sterling achieved a major pro bono victory for Ted Herring in his death penalty case, a 35-year representation that culminated in the Florida Supreme Court's ruling that Mr. Herring's death sentence was unconstitutional.

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